Supporting Local Businesses & Non-Profits in a Time of Crisis

Whether you’ve spent the better part of the last few weeks working from the comfort of your home, binging Tiger King on Netflix, starting a new quarantine hobby/craft, or just doing whatever you can to stay sane during the craziness- we all have one thing in common. We are eternally grateful for the people and institutions that are helping to keep our communities healthy and operational.

And while we continue to practice safe social distancing and do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Lighthouse team understands that these simple actions may not be enough to satisfy your urge to support your neighbors. This is why we have compiled a guide to local funding and relief efforts across South Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods that will go directly to assisting your fellow Bostonian’s in need.

While all of these resources provide impactful ways to give back, we understand if you’re looking for a more direct way to support your community. It can be difficult to feel as though you’re not doing your part to help, especially when the best thing you can do is truly staying home. Which is why we’ve also compiled a list of ways you can more actively support your neighbors while still helping to flatten the curve.

Purchase take-out from your favorite restaurant.

Whether you’re itching for a slice from Broadway Pizza, or you’re craving Sullivan’s famous lobster roll, ordering take-out will help to keep your favorites in business during this difficult time. While many community staples are closed for dining-in, you can continue to enjoy the food you love, and feel good while doing it, by ordering curbside pick-up or delivery.

Consider donating to small business relief efforts.

Like the relief efforts mentioned above, there are many different organizations that are collecting money or food to assist those that truly need it during this global pandemic. If you are looking for something more hyper-local, consider donating to funds that are specific to small businesses in your area, such as the Small Business Relief fund from the City of Boston.

Take advantage of the alternative services being offered by local businesses.

From the online training and wellness sessions being offered by the BAC, to livestreamed power yoga from East Side Yoga, and locally delivered color touch up kits from our neighbors at Salon De Cheveux, businesses are adapting to the new normal in a variety of ways. Taking advantage of these special services allows you to continue your personal care routine while abiding by social distancing best practices, and doing your part to support your community!

If all else fails, purchase a gift card.

If you’re not interested in the alternatives offered by your favorite community institutions, you can still support local businesses by purchasing gift cards to be used when the pandemic is finally over. From hair and nail salons to restaurants, to boutiques, and more, any of the places that you would frequent prior to the pandemic would love to have a guarantee that you’ll still be there when the storm is over.

No matter how difficult things become, there is always a silver lining to be found. And while there is no doubt that this pandemic has left not a single person, business, or community unscathed, it has shown just how strong we can be when we come together.

As longtime residents of South Boston, we at Lighthouse are proud to support the local relief efforts and businesses that make our Southie neighborhood so great. We urge you to continue doing what you can to help fight the pandemic. Whether that means washing your hands 175 times a day, maintaining a proper social distance, donating to relief efforts, or even just ordering a pizza while you catch up on Little Fires Everywhere on HULU, your efforts make a difference. This is a challenging time, and while things may seem dark now, we will get through COVID-19 the same way we have weathered every storm before it — together.