TNC Black Car Insurance in Massachusetts

There is no other insurance team better prepared to help you navigate the unique risks of driving for a Transportation Network Company (TNC) than Lighthouse Insurance, the public transportation industry specialists.

While some people may confuse services that a TNC driver provides with a taxi or livery company, our experts know that you work within a distinct industry that offers new technology-driven services to passengers. At Lighthouse, we not only understand your special auto insurance policy needs, but we are also actively staying on top of the rapidly changing regulations in the TNC industry.

As we’ve watched the TNC industry quickly become mainstream, what’s been most concerning to our team at Lighthouse is that drivers may not completely understand how risk-exposed they are by gaps in their current standard auto insurance coverage. To protect drivers and the public, we have stepped up to become a leader in providing coverage for TNC drivers that will cover you, your vehicle and your passengers through the following “app-in” periods:

  • you log into a TNC ride-sharing application but have yet to be matched with a passenger
  • you have made, and accepted, a match with a prospective passenger
  • you have picked up the passenger

When you work with a Lighthouse agent for your TNC driver insurance needs, you will get special access to an insurance marketplace that will charge you much less for far more comprehensive coverage than you have now. We are confident that we have exactly the policy that you are looking for, at the most competitive rates.

Lighthouse Insurance offers TNC Black Car Drivers in Massachusetts a comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy that includes $1 million* in coverage for:

  • Collision/Non-Collision
  • Insured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Commercial Auto Liability
  • General Liability
  • Auto Physical Damage
  • Theft/Vandalism

*This level of coverage allows you to pick up passengers wherever you think the best match is for you, including Boston Logan airport.

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