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Living in a city like Boston means that every day you are witness to extraordinary events. After all, this is the city that started the industrial revolution with the nation’s very first textile mill, set the standard for higher education with the nation’s first university, Harvard, and overcame ‘The Curse’ when not only the Red Sox won two World Series, but the Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots also won championships.

We Bostonians experience moments like this all the time that are positive and uplifting, but on occasion we can find ourselves involved in an unpleasant situation. Over the past 20 years, Lighthouse Insurance has been a local South Boston business, and we’ve certainly seen a fair share of unusual and distressing accidents. While we wish it wasn’t so, we can generally count on one or more of the following incidents happening every day:

      • multi-car accident threatens the life of those involved or causes major property damage
      • bicycler is struck by a vehicle or a car door (maybe you’ve heard of “dooring”?)
      • pet attacks and seriously injures someone or another pet
      • your new drone accidentally takes out your neighbors window
      • alcohol consumption at a private party results in a personal injury accident

If you’re caught in the middle of any of these events and found to be the responsible party in any way, you could face significant expenses related to medical bills, property damage, and legal fees.

Why You Need a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy

Our experienced staff put their heads together and came up with these approximate accident-related costs that a responsible party, like you, might be obligated to pay:

      • $3,000 or more – for someone’s injured pet to have surgery and post-op care
      • $5,000 or more – to be represented by a defense attorney for a litigation case
      • $7,000 or more – for property damage you caused as a result of a large-scale automobile accident
      • $10,000 or more – for a 5 day in-patient stay not including major procedures, ambulance fees, or other charges if you are found at fault for their injury in your home or on the road

Are you prepared to pay for these expenses tomorrow if you had to? If your palms are getting sweaty just thinking about the prospect of draining your bank account of these funds, then it’s time to speak with your local South Boston Insurance agent about how to protect yourself and your savings from these unexpected events with a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage from Lighthouse Insurance

Your Lighthouse Insurance personal umbrella policy, like your rain umbrella, is an extra layer of protection. Rather than it shielding you from the elements, your Umbrella policy is additional liability coverage to compensate for the limits of your home, renters or auto insurance policies. For as little as you’d pay for two concert tickets – or about $150-300 per year – you can buy a $1 million umbrella policy. This will cover judgments against you, your attorney’s fees, libel and slander, and, most commonly, excess losses related to auto accidents.

The team at Lighthouse Insurance is ready to give you our educated and thoughtful advice on a personal umbrella insurance policy. We’d like the opportunity to get to know you, review your current insurance policies and limits, and discuss your lifestyle to determine if an umbrella policy is something you should consider. This powerful extra coverage may not be a priority for the lizard or Flo, but it’s important to us because we want you to be safe, rather than sorry.

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