Personal Property Coverage In Your Boston Renters Insurance Policy

Let’s see, what are the most important items in your apartment right now? Here at Lighthouse, our team of renters insurance experts is betting we can guess at least a few of them, mainly because we’d have a hard time living without some of these belongings ourselves. Seriously, what would we do without our…

  • Smart phones or tablets, for the obvious reason that we do everything with them
  • Clothes, like those very expensive designer shoes and handbag that you bought with your bonus check, but also those treasured thrift shop finds
  • Hobbies, whether it’s your autographed sports memorabilia, like that signed Tom Brady football, or your souped-up street bike, you wouldn’t want to part with any of them

The Importance of Personal Property Coverage

The fact is, without these possessions, life will go on, but it would hurt more than your wallet to lose them. That’s why it’s essential to have the proper renters insurance policy with personal property coverage to help you replace these items in case of a loss. With a minimal investment – as low as $12-20 a month – renters insurance in Boston can cover losses from fire or smoke, vandalism, theft, explosion (you never know), and windstorm. Even certain types of water damage are covered, like if your apartment is flooded because your upstairs neighbor leaves the water running in the bathtub or from a frozen pipe that bursts.

In addition, you may have bought or inherited truly priceless items like heirloom jewelry, fine artwork, coin collection or vintage furniture. If so, we’ll discuss if adding a jewelry and fine arts rider to your policy would be a good idea. This separate policy would provide the additional coverage necessary for these valuables if they are lost or stolen.

Lighthouse Insurance Personal Property Coverage

Our experienced local team is here to help you choose the amount of renters insurance with personal property coverage you need, price out replacement cost of your possessions versus actual cash value coverage, and explain how any deductible works. And if you ever have a loss, you can feel confident that like any good Bostonian, your Lighthouse agent will have your back and will support you throughout the claim process.

So grab that smart phone and give us a call today, 617-464-3777. We promise, you can eliminate one smoothie, gourmet coffee, craft beer, or glass of wine per week and protect almost everything you own. Don’t you wish everything was that easy?

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